jeibear (jeibear) wrote,


So I went to Lush today.

Brandon Mall's location was celebrating its one year anniversary with yummy goodie bags full of Retro products, plus I won a large size container of Dream Cream for knowing that what made bath bombs fizzy was sodium bicarbonate. Yay! Came home and happily sliced up Comforter bubble bar and Sultana of Soap soap to multiply and cure them. Got four toner tablets since I discovered how unutterably awesome my face felt after doing a tea steam when I had a cold. Received free: bar of Gratuitous Violets soap, Beauty Pea something or the other soap, Ultimate Shine shampoo bar, some kind of bath bomb (I think it's called a Butterfly bath bomb?), Bathos bubble bar, and then Gary got got the rest of the goodies (since he spent half of our overall total), a shampoo tin, a sample of shaving cream, and a HUGE bath bomb.

YAY!!! Lush!!!

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