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You only have yourself to blame....

Unless you're here by force.

21 June 1975
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If you have a warm cat, a place to sleep, and a bottle of wine, you have a good start. If you also have a pizza, you may be the happiest person on earth.

Living simple is the key. I am trying to learn that. I am also embracing the Fabulous Me.

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Date Created:2004-5-15
Number of Posts: 178

Jeibear, or "Jessie", has recently discovered a love of beer and bad singing. A cat is currently her only constant companion-this may change soon as the cat drives her insane with his siren like yowling. She is hot-tempered and long-winded, with plenty to say...if she could only remember it. She is also very short.
Strengths: Eloquent, friendly, funny, smart, and damn cute.
Weaknesses: Talks too much, paranoid, melancholy, and thinks she's damn cute.
Special Skills: Donkey Hind Leg Removal, Pan-wrangling, Plaid Skirt Repair (with rudimentary supplies), Beer and Mugoregawort Storage
Weapons: Sharp Tongue, Really Clunky Heels, Disarming Grin, AK-47, Cheese
Pet Peeves: Commercials with either food that encourages me to eat it or talking babies. The word "whatever" to avoid conversation. Guys who cut their hair too short. People asking me why my store is cold. Twizzlers that aren't hollow all the through so they can be used as straws.

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